Welcome to our culinary journey through Châtel, a picturesque village nestled in the heart of the French Alps. As avid food enthusiasts, we have had the pleasure of exploring the local dining scene and uncovering hidden gems. In this blog post, we present to you a handpicked selection of the best restaurants in Châtel. Here’s a round-up of our personal favourites that we return to time and time again.

The majority of the restaurants serve traditional Savoyarde cuisine however you’ll also find international dishes and European dishes as well. During the ski season, it’s best to book in advance. During the summer season, depending on your visit, some restaurants may be closed.

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This is the new kid on the block and definitely one of the best restaurants in Châtel. You’ll be greeted by a lovely, upmarket and traditional alpine interior. The food is delicious but don’t expect to see traditional mountain dishes, oozing with melted cheese. This is more of a fine dining restaurant and prices reflect that. Signature mains include: green curry with tiger prawns, a tender shoulder of lamb and Angus beef, to name a few. If you’re looking for something different, this is definitely worth booking for a special night out.

Best for: A fine-dining, special night out.

To see the menu click here.


A beautifully decorated restaurant, in an old bakery-farmhouse that dates back to 1852. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a wonderfully cozy, rustic, romantic, traditional restaurant. You’ll find it tucked down a back road in Châtel, slightly off the main street.

The menu offers delicious cuisine from the Savoie region. The veal is superb, the raclette delicious and dishes are beautifully presented. Service is quick and there’s a lovely warm atmosphere.

Best for: Authentic Savoie cuisine, special dining experience

Tel: 0033 4 50 73 30 56


A personal favourite of ours, this is a wonderful and cosy restaurant serving excellent local cuisine. It’s run by a French family, Sebastian is super friendly, speaks very good English and his wife is a fab cook, the service and atmosphere are excellent. Look out for the raclette (melted cheese and potatoes), tartiflette ( potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions) and escalope a la savoyarde, (a turkey breast with a creamy sauce), served in a piping hot dish. This restaurant never disappoints. Be sure to book in advance.

Best for: Casual night out, traditional food

Tel: 0033 450 81 37 50


A popular bar and restaurant with friendly, personal service in a rustic and cosy Alpine-style setting. The restaurant is expensive but does serve a good mixture of local French fare including the classics such as fondue, raclette and steak. In addition there are some great pizzas and quality meat dishes. There’s also a lovely variety of local wine and beer. If you have room, check out the chocolate dessert.:

Best for: Traditional Savoie cuisine, pizzas

Tel: 0033 450 73 30 46 www.lefiacre74.com


Another friendly venue with efficient service, not cheap but great for tasty, traditional recipes. Highlights on the menu include the leek and garlic soup and the lamb and veal fillets which are very tender and tasty. There’s a little terrace out the back with beautiful views of the valley.

Best for: Traditional cuisine

Tel: 0033 450 81 19 34 www.lapoya.fr


The perfect place if you are looking for a lovely typical Savoyarde menu. It includes the classic raclette and other dishes such as pasta and delicious charcuterie and cheese. A cozy venue with friendly staff and accommodating for children. A great spot for an evening meal.

Tel: 0033 450 73 24 78


This is a wonderful restaurant with welcoming staff and a great selection of different menus. Choose from la carte, the discovery menu or the gourmet menu amongst others including an extensive wine list. There are also beautiful views from the terrace that overlooks the Alps. Look out for the cheese trolly and choose your own favourites.

Best for: A special occasion

Tel: 0033 450 73 20 10 www.hotel-fleurdeneige.fr


Head here if you’re looking for Italian fare and tasty pizzas. This is a cosy restaurant which offers a lovely atmosphere and surroundings with friendly staff. Menu includes all the usual suspects including vegetarian and calzone. Takeaway pizzas are also offered.

Best for: Pizza

Tel: 0033 688 68 74 34


One of our favourite restaurants in Châtel, this one is perfect for a casual night out with friends. Located in the village centre, the indoor part offers a comfortable ambiance and there’s a lovely outdoor terrace for the warmer summer months. The Berthoud is fabulous and you can enjoy other traditional savoyard cuisine aswell as pizzas and fajitas. The Aperol Spritz is delicious too.

Best for: Traditional cuisine, order the Berthoud, a delicious, French cheese dish 

Tel: 0033 4 50 26 25 12


This restaurant is a short walk from the centre of Châtel and in the direction of Linga. On the menu, you’ll find decent thin crust pizzas, pasta dishes and traditional Savoyard dishes. It’s a great option if you have kids in your group. Best described as welcoming, easygoing and good value for money. Attentive and quick service. Excellent fondue, Bertoud, Tartiflette and steak. Well worth a visit for a casual night out.;

Best for: A casual night out

Tel: 0033 4 50 73 20 83


A pricey restaurant located right in the middle of Châtel town centre. A great place to go if you fancy traditional Savoyard cuisine and a fantastic dining experience. Expect raclette, fondue and the hot stone where you cook your food at the table. Lovely wines and attentive service. I definitely recommend booking this restaurant for a more special night out.

Best for: A special night out, traditional cuisine

Tel: 0033 4 50 73 24 15


Last but by no means least, is the Wood Cafe. More of a casual place for breakfast, brunch or lunch, we love its cosy, warm and hipster vibe. The menu is delicious – my personal favourites include the maple syrup pancakes, the BLT bagels and carrot cake. Oh, and they win the prize for the best coffee in Châtel. In the winter, look out for the Wood Cafe tuk-tuk. Equipped with a double spout dispenser for beers and prosecco and a coffee machine, it turns up at the local Châtel. chair lifts to replenish worn-out skiiers. Click here to find out more.

Best for: A delicious coffee and toasted banana bread

Stay at Chalet la Fontaine in Châtel which is located just a five-minute walk from most restaurants in the village.